Can I say that I love silence ?

Or should I say

When people are silent?

I do love the sound of the wind

Dancing through the branches

Stroking the leaves to tickle

can you also hear them


Evil crickets rubbing their wings

Chirping and moving with me

Like a shadow of sound

Mocking my moves

as I turn around

The flutter of turning pages

Leaving me to the labyrinth of thoughts

Till I question myself

Whether it really happened

Or is it in my bookshelf?

The wind up bird chronicle

If you find a well

Give me a call

You can come down as well

For the time to stall/haul

There are flowers to smell

Beyond the wall

Leaving your shell

Once for all

Caution :

Are you coming back, why?

Din’t she answer your ring?


Your cheek may dye

trying to swing

Was it worth a try ?

what good did it bring


Can you hear the wind up bird’s cry?

Winding up our spring

A cry for help

I want to die but don’t have the guts to do it myself

Some body help me

Just kill me and release me from my pain

If I tell this to my mother but she will not feel bad or ask me what is my problem instead she will threaten me that she will do it to herself

I feel like I have no one to understand

The only one I had is my father

But he is feeling so ill that I don’t want to bother him with my feelings

I feel so useless and as a burden to my mother

Her behavior makes me me feel like that but when I say this to her she shouts and cries till it becomes about her

She is so self centered that she wouldn’t consider my feelings

She always expect me to understand her behavior

But how can I when I am so much younger than her

Who should understand more about whom?

If I say I need help she, says She also needs help

If I say I feel sad, says she is more sad

If I say I want to die, she says she will die

I wish I had someone who likes to know why I am feeling that way by not comparing it with their feelings

I wish I have someone who asks me why and talk to me till the end